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Additional Retirement Planning Today® session added!

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This fall, Justus Morgan will be teaching Retirement Planning Today®, offered through UW-Parkside’s mini-course curriculum.

The program offers six hours of face-to-face instruction over two evenings (Thursday, October 12 and 19 or Tuesday, October 19 and 23 – 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.) at the UW-Parkside campus. Note, due to popular demand of this program, an additional session has been added  (Tuesday, November 14 and 21). See below for links to register!

“I’m so excited to be able to bring this program to our community,” said Justus. “Sometimes people may feel they need some help with critical decisions around their retirement and this course may help anwser some of the questions they have.” It may also whet the appetite for learning more about financial life management in general.

“We believe that more informed consumers will make better decisions about their retirement and other aspects of their financial well-being,” he said. Financial Service Group is committed to helping educate and elevate the awareness, understanding, and adoption of financial life options that serve the goals of families.

The cost of the program is $59 per person and $79 for couples attending together.

Retirement Planning Today® offers something for everyone. Regardless of how far or near retirement is for you, this course will teach you how to build wealth and align your money and values so you can realize your retirement dreams. The information you learn will help you throughout your working and post-working life and is appropriate for people who are self-employed and for employees of corporations or government agencies. This course includes a 223-page illustrated textbook. Couples may attend together for a single registration fee. Class sizes are limited so register today.

Learning objectives
As a result of attending Retirement Planning Today® you will be prepared to:
•Create a vision for your life once work isn’t your primary job anymore;
•Determine how much money you will need to retire;
•Identify and avoid making mistakes that can cost you money, time and peace of mind;
•Understand the options and decision variables of various retirement income sources and how to minimize taxes on them;
•Learn about cash accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds and other investment vehicles and how to manage investment risks;
•Protect yourself from large financial loss prior to or during retirement;
•Ensure your estate plan accomplishes what you want it to and minimizes income, gift, and estate taxes, avoids delays and ensures liquid assets after your death.

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article updated 10/17/2017

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